The Leaky Gut Diet

Consulting your health-care provider is your first step in any health related activity. Leaky gut syndrome was unnoticed during the past years. But it has changed during the recent years because of the increase in the association with a number of symptoms has become recognized. If you think you have a leaky gut syndrome, ask professional help and have yourself tested as soon as you can.

There are other things you can do to help yourself aside from consulting your doctor. You need to know the root of the problem in order to even think about treating this disorder. Focus or concentrate on healing the gut itself.

To start the treatment or the natural healing of the gut, try to avoid the following:

– Foods that cause allergic reactions in your body
– continuous stress which can harm the immune system
– foods like deserts, starches, cheese or dairy products, and oily food
– Beverages with caffeine, especially those that have high amounts
– danger in chemical exposure
– intoxicating liquids like alcohol
NSAIDS and other drugs – always ask your doctor first before making changes

There are also a number of things to consider adding to your habit to support and heal your gut.

– eating small amounts of food and chewing it completely
– selecting an anti inflammatory diet ex. fish
– exercising to sweat out all the bad toxins inside your body
– eating plenty of fiber related food
– cleansing to get rid of parasites
– taking vitamins C and A, vitamin B5, zinc, folic acid, aloe vera and glutamine.
– restoring your bacterial flora with probiotics and prebiotics
– drinking lots of water

Leaky gut syndrome is a difficult condition. It has many kinds of causes and origin, and signs of illness as well. But there are now many steps to consider on how to heal this disease. Make sure you are aware of your own body and make the necessary changes before you encounter this disease.


Natural Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment Guide

One thing that you should know about leaky gut syndrome is that prescription or over the counter drugs are not essential when healing it. The proper leaky gut syndrome treatment guide makes use of natural herbs to help the gut restore itself. Our ancestors have been using these home made remedies for a very long time so why won’t they work now?

Some samples of these natural herbs are slippery elm, chamomile and peppermint tea, marshmallow root, goldenseal and Echinacea.

Echinacea is a very good herb that will most certainly help when you have leaky gut syndrome. It is used against many other health issues like poisoning and scarlet fever. It helps with the treatment of leaky gut because this herb can reduce inflammation, it possesses antioxidant qualities and it can enhance the performance of the immune system.

Peppermint tea and Chamomile tea are good for you when you experience leaky gut. First of all, both of these can calm a person down. As we all know, stress is a very common cause of leaky gut. Eating when you are stressed can cause problems during the digestion process. These two can also offset some of the major symptoms of leaky gut such as bloating, abdominal pain and gas. They can also get rid of some of the bacteria that are present in our body.

When you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, these alternative treatment methods can certainly help but do keep in mind that these are not enough to properly treat leaky gut. The right leaky gut syndrome treatment requires more than these herbs.

You need to make some changes in your diet regimen because the food that you eat is very important when trying to heal leaky gut syndrome. There are many foods that can irritate the gut. Some foods can also cause inflammation and these two are the main reasons why your gut is damaged in the first place.

You have to make sure that your gut or your intestinal wall can recover naturally and the best way to do that is to eat foods that are generally accepted by nutritionists when dealing with leaky gut. You should also accompany this leaky gut syndrome treatment methods with some natural herbs because these herbs can help speed up the treatment process and they can also alleviate some of the symptoms while doing so.


Hi everyone, welcome to my mini blog. Everything here will be about leaky gut syndrome but sometimes, I will post about something else but rest assured, majority will be about this debilitating disorder. Hopefully, you will find this to be helpful. Thanks!